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Office Cleaning YCT

People spend the bigger part of the day in the office. Usually they sit on a desk in front of a computer all day long. Office hygiene is very important, because when many employees are gathered at one place, there is a risk from spread of disease and microbes. There are also some premises like toilets and kitchens which need special attention. Every company should rely on experienced provider of efficient office cleaning services in London. Let us present to your attention Your Cleaners Team! Our expert team of trained and insured London office cleaners will come to your commercial area to make it flawless. Clean office doesn't mean only healthy and motivated workers and high productivity. It means only impressive business rating and trust from the part of clients and business partners. You know how important the first impression is. You have to be sure, that when people enter your company, they will feel safe and comfortable. if you trust our professional office cleaning company in London, you can be sure that everything will be all right for you.

Call us on and hurry up to book our efficient and flexible London office cleaning service! Have a nice chat with our helpful and kind customer care representatives and get all the information you need. The London office cleaning session may be provided in convenient for you time, because we don't want to interrupt or disturb the working process.

Expert office cleaners London achieve amazing final results

Prove that you are responsible and provident manager and you care about your personnel. Messy desks, dust, stains of coffee, dirty office appliances and hazy windows - all that doesn't sound like a successful business, right?! Learn more about the essential features of our specially tailored office cleaning service in London:

  • London office cleaning may be conducted on daily, weekly or fortnightly basis - it's all up to you. Every commercial area is different by size and level of contamination. Customers define alse the duration of the procedure.
  • Our office cleaning service London may be combined with carpet, upholstery or window cleaning on customized schedule.
  • Our professional London office cleaning includes floor mopping, carpet hoovering, wiping, polishing and sanitizing of all surfaces, including office appliances and lavatory ware.
  • Replenishing of bathroom supplies is also provided, if requested.
  • In case you deliver all the necessary supplies to our trained, insured and vetted office cleaners in London, you'll get a discount. You can also rely on our harmless and eco-friendly cleansers and contemporary equipment.

Contact us on and get a free quote! Arrange your London office cleaning appointment and take a good care of your staff and your business rating! Our prices are fair, so your budget won't be shrinked. Your Cleaners Team is your faithful partner who guarantee amazing results every time.

Office cleaning Prices:

  • £10 per cleaner/hour using your cleaning materials
  • £14 per cleaner/hour using our cleaning detergents

Dirty windows will be shiny again thanks to our reliable Window cleaning.

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