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Carpet Cleaning YCT

Carpet cleaning London is a household chore, performed by every housekeeper. Most often you execute vacuum cleaning and treatment of particular stains with detergents. However, do you think, that these actions are enough to achieve excellent results? Of course not. All you need is to rely on our experienced and reliable carpet cleaning company in London. Our expert team provides high-standard and affordable carpet cleaning services London. You will be amazed once you request our convenient and flexible carpet cleaning service in London. You will never return to your vacuum cleaner no matter how modern it is. Dust, microbes, persistent stains - all these will be eliminated by our trained and insured experts. Keep in mind, that all of our London carpet cleaning technicians are certified and vetted.

You know that microbes are very resistant. Even after your thorough hoovering the survive and remain deeply embedded into the fibres. Isn’t it about time to take care of the health and safety of your family? All you have to do is to trust our skillful carpet cleaners London. They apply innovative equipment and modern, proven sanitising techniques.

Call us on and hurry up to arrange your booking! Our polite customer care representatives will quickly schedule your London carpet cleaning appointment.

2 London carpet cleaning methods depending on the fabric

No matter what is the type of the material, Your Cleaners Team has always the right solution. Here are more details about our disinfecting methods:

  • Steam carpet cleaning London - in case you have dirty synthetic rugs, don't worry, because our experts will apply the steam-heat extraction methodology. Our carpet cleaners London will prepare the surface via hoovering and pretreatment of the annoying stains. Then they will inject special solution into the fibres under high pressure. This procedure is executed on site via specialised machinery. All the dirtiness, filth, bacteria will be removed. In the end your carpet will need a couple of hours to dry up.
  • Dry carpet cleaning London - the owners of materials like ramie, coir, seagrass, sisal, jute, hemp will be satisfied too. Thanks to biodegradable, absorbent cleaning compound all the delicate rugs will be comprehensively disinfected. This no-moisture method protects the decorative carpets from structural damage.

Be sure, that both London carpet cleaning techniques will end up with astonishing final results. Your rugs will look like brand new again, they will be so fresh and wonderful. There is no place for hesitations, you know that. Our carpet cleaning in London is very convenient, because it’s provided on site, so you won’t make any efforts to move the heavy and dusty rugs. Ensure yourself our assistance without breaking the bank! Prices of our professional carpet cleaning services in London are really fair and cheap.

Book our super efficient London carpet cleaning service by calling us on ! Free quotes are available anytime. Your Cleaners Team is the best option for you.

Steam Cleaning Prices:

  • Bedroom £25.00
  • Living/dining room £30.00
  • Through lounge £45.00
  • Flight of stairs £25.00
  • A small rug/carpet £15.00
  • A large rug/carpet £26.00

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • Bedroom £37.00
  • Living/dining room £45.00
  • Through lounge £67.00
  • Flight of stairs £37.00
  • A small rug/carpet £22.00
  • A large rug/carpet £39.00

* Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

In case of moving out, our professional End of tenancy cleaning service is always available.

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