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Carpet is an important element of the furnishing of every home which hides a lot of bacteria and dust particles even if it doesn`t seem dirty and contaminated. Carpet cleaning is a chore that should be performed on a regular basis but many homeowners have the wrong conception of the process. Vacuum cleaning or occasionally treating some stains on your carpet is not an efficient way of sanitising it properly. Even if you vacuum every other day, this is only a superficial procedure which can`t eliminate the microbes that are embedded in the carpet fibres. The smartest option is to rely on Your Cleaners Team – a carpet cleaning company in Wandsworth that has proven to be a dependable provider through the years. Our aim is to provide quality carpet cleaning services in Wandsworth that come at a price every household can afford!

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Preserve the Good Looks of Your Carpet for Longer!

If you still haven`t made up your mind and decided whether to rely on Your Cleaners Team, read on and see what you will get if you book our carpet cleaning in Wandsworth:

  • Our team of skillful carpet cleaners performs two different methods to bring back the original sleek looks of your rugs and carpets in accordance with their material and texture – both of them are performed on-site.
  • Dry carpet cleaning method consists of applying a dry biodegradable compound on your natural fibre or delicate rugs. Your rugs will be ready for use right away!
  • Steam carpet cleaning is known to be the most efficient way of disinfecting your synthetic carpets. This method will leave your carpets fresh and functional – a couple of hours are needed to dry fully.
  • By booking our carpet cleaning in you will make your carpets last longer and maintain their good looks for the years to come – professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least once a year.

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